Dissecting Malware

Are you trying to assess the impact of a breach?

In cases like this, we can perform reverse engineering on malicious software samples that attackers may have used to exfiltrate data from your devices. During this process, we get to understand how the individual malware sample operates and how you can efficiently and securely remove it from your infrastructure.

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When do you need to dissect malware?

When your systems are already infected with malware, we can analyse the samples. By reverse engineering the sample, we will be able to assess if (and how) the malware may perform lateral movement in your network. Recovering these details may help with attribution and contribute to the future safety of your systems.

Our process:

After the scope and the conditions are clear, our team of experts start dissecting the malware sample in scope. You will receive a detailed report that includes your points of interest that we agree on during scope assessment.