Social Engineering

Can you recognize the sophisticated and subtle techniques that attackers could use to trick your colleagues and get access to you data and systems?

The point of Social Engineering, is to make sure that not only our devices are secure, but that the human operators and processes can not be circumvented to gain unauthorized access.

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When do you need Social Engineering?

The term “Social Engineering” has been well known for a while: using deception to manipulate individuals, in order to access confidential or personal information, usually for fraudulent purposes. (e. g. asking them to open a phising email)

Social Engineering is very relevant, as it showcases how easy it can be to gain unauthorized access to systems via non-technical methods and in the process, prepare an organization to adequately handle similar real-world threats.

Our process:

In many cases, we as social engineers exploit the target’s credulity or helpfulness in order to test an organization’s resilience to this type of external attack. Another important goal of testing is to assess the skills of individuals at the organization regarding recognizing and reporting social engineering threats. Based on the results, we will be able to give you solid recommendations to help you prepare against this type of threat in the future.

You will also receive a detailed report, including various scenarious we have tested and the range of sensitive data we were able to acquire.

As part of this service, we also offer cybersecurity training courses that help you prepare your crew for this type of testing, in order to mitigate future threats and toprotect your data.