Red teaming

Would you like to get a thorough and all-inclusive view of your IT security risks?

Red Teaming is a complex attack simulation exercise, that encompasses a range of our other services into a single package, in order to give you the best insight into your risks and next steps.

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When do you need Red Teaming?

The goal of a Red Teaming exercise is to perform an exhaustive attack simulation on your system through Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and OSINT research.

This is necessary, as the individual services are targeted at specific problems, which may be enough in some cases, however as the digital world is getting ever more complex, we have to treat an increasing number of organizations’ IT security needs in painstaking detail through Red Teaming exercises.

Our process:

After a complete Red Teaming exercise, there will be hardly any surprises for organization when it comes to IT security, as you will have already considered risks in a wide spectrum and eliminated vulnerabilities.