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Our goal is to enable our clients to build sustainable and secure systems for a protected future. Each industry brings it's own set of problems and challenges that require tailored and unique solutions. You can learn more about how we serve these needs of our partners.

Mark Hillick

Director, Security Engineering

We have worked with Zero IT Lab for several years and they have been fantastic partners. Their work is consistently of a very high standard and they combine their technical knowledge with a true appreciation of our product goals. Most recently, the team conducted an excellent review for Vanguard, which both gave us confidence in the product and enabled us to level it up even more.

Derek Lesho

Wine Hacker

Zero IT Lab’s technology for and experience with static analysis of obfuscated binaries has proven invaluable in our efforts to support certain windows drivers on the wine compatibility layer. Providing us with the ability to more fully understand the driver’s objectives and requirements, allowing us overcome previous blockers in our effort.

Marusinecz Tamás

Allianz Hungary's Voluntary pension fund Director

At Allianz Hungary's Voluntary pension fund system, we handle a great deal of sensitive information, therefore it is extremely important for us to make sure our systems are safe. That is why we decided to hire Zero IT Lab, in order to assess our system's security. During the assessment process we have received all the necessary feedback and details that we needed to improve our system security. Our customer experience reflected that Zero IT Lab treats each project with the same attention to detail, and the team consistently delivers high quality findings.

Pintér Béla


Zero IT Lab's blackbox penetration testing was thorough and satisfied our expectations. The tests conducted reflected a high degree of technical expertise. The reports we received were proper and detailed which was hugely helpful while triaging and fixing the issues uncovered. Thank you!

Csanda Viktor

IT and Production Manager

I realized during our first meeting that Zero IT Lab’s team members are very well-prepared and our own specialists immediately found common ground with them. The test they conducted was extremely helpful and they exposed a few possibilities that we hadn’t taken into account during our daily routine. We received detailed and clear results that helped make our systems a lot more secure.

Nagy György

Deputy CEO

We trust Zero IT Lab with our company's IT security. We chose them because a professional and highly trained team is necessary in order to keep our data and systems secure. If data security is crucial for your company, I definitely recommend Zero IT Lab’s top-notch service.

Kun Ferenc

Engineering Manager

At LogMeIn, we pay special attention to the quality of our systems and development, therefore it’s very important for us to constantly train our own developers and help them stay up-to-date with security awareness. This is why we chose to work with of Zero IT Lab whose trainers have been facilitating our improvements with their expertise and high-level training skills. I can only recommend the company to everyone with high expectations in IT security.

Babusa Tamás

IT Director

With regards to Zero IT Lab's penetration testing, our expectations was to get a very practical approach that goes beyond the usual professional standards. Thanks to the team's diverse set of experiences, the test they conducted gave us feedback that fairly reflected the state of our IT infrastructure's security readiness. We also received adequate help to interpret the results which enabled us to take things to the next level.

Örs Apor Horváth

VP Information Security

During our engagement with the Zero IT Lab team, we received what is expectable from a professional IT security firm: fully prepared in their technical expertise, excellent work relations with our developers and management. On top of that, they adepted to our business hours. Our company handles sensitive medical information, therefore information security is a top priority. The penetration tests they conducted and the technical recommendations we received in the documentation were hugely helpful in hardening our systems. Thank you for all the work done and we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

Romhány Gergely


Due to our area of expertise, it was extremely important for us to perform a technologically professional vulnerability assessment and Zero IT Lab went above and beyond to do so. It immediately became clear that the team takes full responsibility for their work, they are not only professional but humble as well and they deliver on time. I highly recommend Zero IT Lab.

Kerekes Zoltán

Executive Director

We had been planning to have our system’s security assessed by experts for quite some time and I can genuinely recommend Zero IT Lab for similar projects. After a long and thorough preparation, they did a very good job and based on the results and suggestions they made, we were able to improve our systems’ security. During the ethical hacking process, Zero IT Lab met all the deadlines and provided a comprehensive analysis of the tests conducted. In addition, we received useful tips on how to remedy the problematic areas.

Balázs Kiss

Business Relationship Manager

We’ve professionally known Zero IT Lab’s team for a few years now, however, we’ve only recently started working together on a vulnerability assessment. I highly recommend them as they completed the task precisely, in a timely manner, and with a high level of professionalism.

Vasas Krisztián

Project Manager

Data stored in medical systems is considered special data, therefore the security of our systems is crucial. Zero IT Lab’s extremely professional team helped us discover points of vulnerability, contributing to the stable and secure development and maintenance of our software.

Bolla Alfréd

Executive director

ZERO IT Lab was a pleasant surprise. Once again, change has been brought by the younger generation, that is fast-paced, more responsive to emerging trends. Thus, we have a good chance to stick with each other in the long run. Thanks for the work you have done so far in developing our systems.

Braun Gábor


Zeto is a medical device company. Cybersecurity is not a luxury, it is a core requirement in this industry. It is part of the system design, part of our life, but no matter how serious we are, the final truth comes from a pentest. Zero IT Labs started the pentest with professional planning, performed persistent and reported the result perfectly on time as agreed. Working with Zero IT Labs was easy and fun: they seamlessly aligned to our odd international working hours, and were professionally talking to our wizards using the proper technical lingo.