We make IT systems secure and easy to defend.

Cybersecurity is a concern for anyone who has ever shared personal data online - this is why our mission is to redefine the meaning of a ‘secure IT system’. We’d like to draw attention to the importance of protection and look behind the curtain of professional hypocrisy and motivate companies to design sophisticated and sustainable systems.
This is how we do it.

Cybersecurity – the art of science

We are a team of hackers who sleep with one eye open and strive to learn, develop and educate the next generation of hackers in order to level up IT security through protection and prevention.

We believe that everyone has the right to IT security.

This is what motivates and constantly inspires us to be the best on the market in order to make cyberspace secure for evermore people through our projects.

The culture of ethical hacking.

It’s no secret that we’d like to redefine the concept of IT security. It is our pleasure to assure our clients that their systems are truly secure and can handle different attacks. Our goal is to make IT security transparent and easily understandable, set a new direction and change people's attitudes.

This is why we have created a brand whose foundation is competence and empathy instead of profit maximization, one that builds trust and doesn’t discourage the use of free software. Our objective is to build a community for whom shared knowledge promotes a secure and protected future.