Guide to conscious cybersecurity

The key to a secure IT system is planning ahead, being vigilant and prepared to defend against potential attacks.

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Below we have compiled a list of services you may need after an IT development or business process:
Consult with an information security expert during system (infrastructure/software) planning Card image Guidance / Consultation
Assess the vulnerability of your systems when reaching milestones or before publishing Card image Penetration Testing
Upon introducing 3rd party code or dependencies, examine the risks Card image Penetration Testing
Hassle-free integration of old systems into new ones when lacking source code Card image Reverse Engineering
Continuous risk & vulnerability assessment of live systems Card image Penetration Testing
Paying attention to existing systems: maintaining it, making it secure and sustainable. Card image Red Teaming
Secure coding/Security awareness training for developers/laymen employees Card image Education

If you have a problem other than the ones mentioned above, or if your system needs a customised solution, contact us!

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