Security consulting

One of our core principles when it comes to securing IT systems, is making sure to get the fundamentals right.

We believe, that blindly following popular trends from the industry is insufficient for proper defense in depth. IT systems are often unique, which is why they require specialized solutions, that we are ready to provide.

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The services that we provide have been built from the ground up, to be able to properly serve the IT security needs of specialized systems and environments.

Are your systems resilient against cyber attacks?

We can help you by finding vulnerabilities and points of failure in your system/application using attack techniques very similar to what a real world attacker would do. By doing so, you are able to get the most realistic image of how secure your systems are and where you need to improve them.


We believe, that IT security is a fundamental right to everyone in the digital space and that is why our services include consulting. Keeping your business running smoothly is our utmost priority throughout the process, by uncovering potential risks and vulnerabilities. Consultation is a unique and flexible process, helping you achieve your cyber security goals.

Are you in need of valuable cyber security insight?

Our training courses offer a variety of practical skills, designed from the ground up to serve the real world needs of your organization, both in terms of basic (laymen) and professional (secure coding) materials.